Simplicity is key

Easily keep track of all your transactions on our easy to use platform


Add Companies

Easily add companies you want to track on our platform


Add Transactions

Track all the transactions for your companies in one place


Get An Overall View

Get a detailed overview of revenue and expenses

Never worry about your spending anymore

With our platform keep on top of everything easily, never worry about over spending always keep within your budget


Easily track your growth

Our platform will give you an overall view of your revenue and expenses, making it easy to adjust your budget accordingly.

Current Plans

Some plans to get you started quickly

Just to see what can be achieved


  • Only able to add one company
  • 100 Transactions
  • Only able to use for 30 days
65 Plan Yearly
Very appropriate for the long term


  • Add unlimited Companies
  • Add unlimited Transactions
  • Yearly Renewal


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